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Apartment design The main aim of our work is to create a comfortable, functional and esthetically unique space. For a long period of work we developed and realized a set of interesting ideas of interior design in Minsk and in the regions of Belarus. Before taking the next order, our specialists study all the details and client's wishes, stipulate the stages and terms of realization of the design project, the budget of implementation and the features of the construction.

Due to a long-term work experience ant the realized projects our studio approved itself as a reliable and conscientious company, which is capable to realize the most courageous ideas. We develop apartments of different areas, because our company considers that a creative task can be realized successfully in any space. Our specialists create design for one-room, two-room and three-room apartments, two-level apartments, penthouses ant etc.

Developing interior design for apartment, it’s very important to re-plan space properly. Very often people get their apartments with such a layout, which is very difficult to use effectively. We take the gauge of an apartment, remove all internal walls on our drawings (except supporting framework and engineering nodes) and place septums anew, taking into account all necessary rooms and functional zones for a client. Such approach allows to use the area more effectively, that’s very important, because the client has already paid a huge sum of money for each square meter. We are in continual contacts with the partner company, which coordinates the replannings. So we can get an imperative consultation at any time and to be aware of all changes to legislation and statutory acts in the sphere of replannings.

Design of high quality, first of all, should be functional and ergonomic. There are situations when client likes a room, but he doesn’t know the reason, why he really likes this room. What is comfort? It’s when any action and possible reactions of the client in the room are thought over. Functional and esthetic comfort is the major purpose that we have to achieve when designing the facilities.