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We are a group of architects. In the evenings we develop attractive furniture in our studio. And now we’d like to say a couple of words about our coming to such life:)

Actually current area isn’t worked out in Belarusian furniture industry at all. Creating interior design projects we frequently make use of minimalistic, up-to-date, sometimes brutal, loft style furniture of European producers. But we’d like this style furniture be produced in Minsk with our Belarusian brand. It also should correspond with modern world trends of furniture design and have distinguishing originality of Belarusian culture. As no one takes up this problem, we have made our minds to do it. Our furniture brand was named BY furniture.

We develop lighting and interior accessories as well as cushioned and cabinet furniture. All these things bring diversity into our design projects and provide them with authorship style. We believe that cool ergonomic Belarusian brand items are able to improve mood, to inspire, to optimize aesthetics of any space they are located in. Namely to this we intend.


In this section you can choose desks and coffee tables. We use various materials for tabletop, starting with processed plywood and finishing with natural stone and polished concrete. The table legs have different shapes and material as well. Also in this section you can find an appropriate design of desks and receptions for public art-spaces.

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Chairs, stools, benches

The chair is one of the most interesting pieces of furniture, in terms of creative opportunities. There’s a huge number of various designed chairs in the world. To invent a unique chair, different to any chair, - is an extremely complex task. Nevertheless, we actively work to solve this problem. Get into the section and estimate variously designed chairs and stools made BY furniture.

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Cabinet furniture

People need some storage space. In this section you can see the storage systems of various types: racks, commodes, shelves, modular systems. Designing the cabinet furniture, we attempt to use inexpensive and high-quality materials and to create a unique image with a pronounced design idea. At the same time, we attach a lot of importance to the fittings, used in our cabinet furniture.

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The creation of luminaries – is a special task, which requires special knowledge and abilities. Designing lamps, we consult with many partners, who are the experts in this area. Our architects and designers strive to use simple forms of lumps in combination with the modern LED stuffing.

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Sofas, beds

In this section you will be able to choose your own upholstered furniture. We use metal and wooden frameworks, folding and modular systems, various types of fillers and fabrics. Hence there’s a big variety of design and functional purpose of the upholstered furniture. We hope that you will find here something to your own taste.

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