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For many people a concept about an ideal house project consists of the already created views of their own understanding of comfort and the organization of life. Projecting for specific people, we are based on their way of life and we professionally organize the space for them.

Having realized a number of house projects in Minsk and in Belarus, we have got an invaluable experience which we use in our work.

From a large number of projects of houses and cottages in our portfolio can not be found two similar. Everyone wants to order an individual architectural project for a private house so that it remains unique in Minsk and other regions of Belarus. Therefore, the architectural design of any building from our bureau differs not only in a creative approach, but also in non-standard solutions!

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No projects found for this year.
No projects found for this year.

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Modular houses

Work of many years and construction industry analysis led us to the development of our own finished houses projecting in Belarus. They are distinguished by 100 per cent adaptation to our climatic conditions and have unique modular technology. Modular houses enable a client get high-quality European architecture and save money on constructing.

Created at works house is assembled on a site during 2 weeks on average. Our architects are always ready to adapt a chosen project to precise lot peculiarities, to take into consideration area relief, house orientation on cardinal points and accesses to the territory. Construction- responsible occupation and it is necessary to take the choice of architectural project in a serious way.

Finished modular houses include all necessary part s for the construction (AS, CS, HV, WSD). Our own fitters’ team has been producing and fitting houses for our clients for many years. Being in the process of choosing a house you can always count on our free consultation and qualified studio “Zrobym Architects” specialists’ help.

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