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Andrus Bezdar


The real name is Makovsky Andrey.
He got bachelor degree in architecture at Belarusian National Technical University in 2014. He has been in the sphere of architecture, design and graphics since 2010.

Also he has been a founder and art-director of ZROBYM architects since 2011

He participated in international contest “Arkhstoyaniye 2011”, the winner of online vote of international contest “BELARUS DESIGN AWARD 2014”, the winner of poetry contest “BramaMar2014”, the invited guest from Belarus to the design exhibition “Ambiente 2014” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The author of publications in various Belarusian architectural editions, the author of modular houses projects made of eco-panels from ZROBYM architects studio.

He took the second place in “Belarus Design Award 2015” with the CUBE7 project.

A member of the Belarusian designers’ union since December 2015.

He was the curator of the workshop in the architectural school "Beams in the hands" in 2016. Also in 2016 he created his brand of clothes UNDASTAND PRODUCT (UND). In 2017 he participated in the Belarus Fashion Week 17/18 (BFW) with his collection of clothes "Code of the City", and a little later represented Belarus in ODESSA FASHION WEEK with an updated collection of clothes "Code of the City". He was a member of the jury of the Freaky Summer Party (FSP) in the land art competition for young architects.

In October 2017 he created his line of brand furniture BY furniture and opened the eponymous store in Metropol shopping center on Nemiga. In November 2017, together with other modern Belarusian architects, he was invited as a mentor to the architectural hackathon "The Future of the Pischalovsky Castle".


Architectural design, interior design, construction, fashion design, product design.


SUMMER HOUSE Implemented
STOLOVKA Implemented
MYATA LOUNGE Implemented
AIMATTER Implemented
BEAR FLAT Implemented
LITERATURNAYA 22 Implemented
TSEH ART-SPACE Implemented
GRID HOUSE Implemented