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For many people a concept about an ideal house project consists of the already created views of their own understanding of comfort and the organization of life. Projecting for specific people, we are based on their way of life and we professionally organize the space for them.

Having realized a number of house projects in Minsk and in Belarus, we have got an invaluable experience which we use in our work.


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  • ZROBYM architects answer children’s questions
    ZROBYM architects answer children’s questions
    The program # ПИН_КОД Aleksey Korablev and Andrus Bezdar will discuss why there are so many identical buildings in Minsk, can you put a bathroom in the kitchen and is it true that the Cheops pyramid is an architectural miracle?
    9 окт. 2019
  • The most important blitz survey
    The most important blitz survey
    A quick poll with ZROBYM architects from ProInterno.
    19 янв. 2017

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